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A very serious song with a strong message about workplace safety.


Safety Bob was a man who lost his hand
in a ridiculous bee truck accident.
When he told his wife, she took her life.
Now Bob can't pay the rent.

What is Safety Bob to do?
Cause he sure as fuck don't know.
Just walks around thinking about his life.
He should have just been more careful.

If you think that's sad, this is twice as bad,
what the doctor later told him.
You have lung cancer and a tumor in your brain.
Bob, you've got six months to live.

Bob he smoked for twenty years.
Didn't think one thing about it.
Well tell me friend, I've smoked for ten
does that make me ignorant?

The death of Bob, didn't take to long.
Actually it was pretty quick.
At the sight of a gun, most people would run,
Bob stood right in front of it.

Tell me what have all you learned,
from the death of Safety Bob?
He died by the gun, so he'd suffer no one.
Was that a noble thing he's done?
This is the Death of Safety Bob.


from Curse of the Unsinkable Ship, released January 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Johnny Cakes and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso Tampa

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